As you know, for more than two weeks ago Manel and I continue this trip separately. I will not talk about that because we have already said enough, and what I want now is to look forward and to feel that motivation to continue this journey, without the discomfort that I had for this situation and without resentments, forgetting all that to feel what I’m looking for after all on this trip: Freedom.

It has been many days, so I’ll start with the moment when I started pedaling alone. But first I want to thank Anita for hosting us a few days in Padova, they were incredible days in a beautiful city. Thank you for your kindness and for the funny moments with you and your friends. Read more

Sometimes to heed your heart, that little voice who speaks to you, it takes you to make very difficult decisions. The same voice that made me to begin this journey, which already was a really difficult decision, say now to continue my own way.

This decision to continue is just personal and selfish, but this trip is not just a dream, it is a change of life, and can not live with the feeling that you should do things differently, it’s best just to do them, you may you’re wrong, but is the only way to know if it is what you wanted. Read more

This week has been a great week, probably the week with more stories and challenges fulfilled in so far in this trip.

To begin, we want to thank to Eva for her great hospitality and the last four nights at home. Thanks to she and her great efforts to help us on our work with blogs (issues of servers and domains). Internal things that are not seen but which are absolutely necessary for all to continue enjoying our particular adventure. It also helped in our mechanical issues taking us to the bike kitchen presiding of Rocco. Read more

This week has been a week to remember it, but not by the number of kilometers and cities visited, but by the number of hospitable people we have met along the way.

We said goodbye to the family of Manel and Max’s girlfriend and dedicated the day to recharge our batteries for the next week as we were informed that it would be of relatively hard mountain to Milano … fortunately, as we explain later, it was not so bad. Read more

This was the week of the triplet: We have overcome the month, spent the a thousand kilometers and reached Monaco and Italy. But let’s start telling what happened last week, because we did not have time to tell before.

As we told you in the post for Marseille, we had some problems with the rear axle of the bike of Max and the luck of which Fabien accommodated us , a cyclist who was returning from his last trip.

We left Marseille direction to Casis, one of the places who recommended Flo (colleage of Max, thank you!). From there we leave the comfortable coast to start up the suffered (albeit satisfactory) mountain. Read more