The connection of the universe

Everybody know the theories of yin and yang, karma and different laws of the universe but when this happen not stop to surprise you.

Already I had experience on other trips and in my daily life that good things happen when you need them most. May already be a call from a friend in one day you feel lonely or generosity of a stranger to offer refuge at home in a strong rainy day.

There was rain which delayed us in Marseille.

We had arrived early to Le Estaque and decided to stop at a McDonald’s where writing the last post, fix some little problems on the web and ask for business cards. Except for the post that technical problems could not get on the blog everything else it was done to the letter. But such task made to us get to the big city very late.

We arrived at the center in pursuit of a good man who would not stop telling us “Visca Barça” something good has to be the area of a big city, you generate friends easily. At the entrance to Marseille I tell Max that to see if you can stay the night in town because its buildings and views are spectacular. I ask at the tourist office which is the best place to spend the night and I am informed, unofficially, that if we continue along the coast direction Cassis would find some small beach where only the Marseillais known.cicloturismo marsella

With the time we have visited the city. We know Francisco Bataille, who explains his travel around the world by bicycle when he was young and was playing at home of Salvador Dali.

After visiting the museums around the port (visited the buildings from outside) we see that it’s getting late and we don’t want to reach the place at night.

We take our horses and started going to the right place on the map when Max stops suddenly and asks me with a hand signal. Something good is not happening.rotura marsella cicloturismo

I turn around and walk over to see what happens. I could not believe it! The axle of the rear wheel had refolded again so that the wheel had fallen from his site. It was 8:30 in the afternoon, we had less than an hour of sunshine. I help him take the bike out of the road and left on the roadside. Impossible not to disturb or block the passage. Luckily, or through our initial prevention in Montpellier to catch a second rear axle, we could solve the problem, but not unrecoverable loss of time. It was night.rotura cicloturismo marsella

We continue our march, but as dark and such a place inhabited it difficult to find a safe place to sleep. Anyway, the views of the coast in night were exceeding expectations of the place. We had even a fair with a decent fully illuminated wheel of a photo. And it was in that same place where the miracle occurred.

My camera I was holding when a cyclist approaches us, or rather a cyclotourist. Equipped with his bike and return home after three weeks of travel.We can’t be that lucky!

Our savior Knight of the day called Fabien . And after a few minutes explaining what happened invited us to his home. Dinner, shower, bed and a chat about trips. Explains to us that he planned to return a couple of hours before to home but he was entertained with friends.fabien desayuno marsella

I believe that we are all connected in the world. There is no one single that moves without any of the laws of the universe. I think in our history we had to know him and that this contact would learn something important, something we always forget: we are not alone.cicloturismo personajes

Thanks Fabien from the both for the help you offered. I hope to see you again someday and so talk about our past trips.Surely could be few!

    3 comments on “The connection of the universe

    1. You’re welcome and always be in my house, thanks you so much for your kinds words !

      Meeting both of you have been a Great experience, the best way to end my own travel.

      Hope you’ll have a lot of great surprises like this during your trip,

    2. I hope You meet a lot of polite people and that You will enjoy Your dream coming true!
      Best wishes from the Czech police officer!

      • You’re welcome! Thanks for the message this give me more energies!! It was nice to met you on the road, I hope the next traffic controls could be with the same friendly and fun. If you want you can follow me on, you can see yourself in the next post!! Thanks again and my best wishes to you!

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