The energy of the storm

This week has not been an easy week, rather the opposite, but all problems have solutions, that is something that we learn throughout our lives.

The difficulty of the road is not always in the way, sometimes we have in our mind. It is normal in the second week the first longings arise, the first important dates which can not be with your family.

This week (19/08/2015) was the birthday of Fio (Max girlfriend) and from this blog we want to spend our biggest and best possible congrat.A lots of happiness Fio !!!!

But so far the pains! We had a week full of adventures 🙂

martigues cicloturismoWe leaved Villeneuve de Beziers following the Canal du Midi. Sun and cycle paths around the channels to Montpellier where we expect our host Etienne and Arancha from Warmshowers. A pleasure to have shared some time with you guys!

Montpellier We left with a great impression of the city.Gorgeous! And Trueno, bicycle of Max, supposedly repaired.

The land in this part of France is flat and easily ride. All great for the cyclist. But apparently this is too easy for the writer so if no climbs we have punctures! We thought to start anti-puncture tires tape Trueno solve everything we expected… was not that self provoke anti-puncture to punctures! The rear wheel is spending his own odyssey. Fix the axle in Montpellier thanks to Manel’s ability to adapt to any axle special trailer was bented the new… and we have three more punctures with a spoke that caused another puncture … Hopefully the new invention of Manel putting the punctured tube between anti-puncture tape and tube should solve the problem.

To all this we must add that in Gallician the largest flood we fell so far causing a fall without consequences to Manel. A Negrita (bicycle Manel) does not like the water.

We overcame the flood thanks to the hospitality of Jean Pierre who welcomed us into their garage. And also overcame the mud of the next day where we were caught by the canal of the Rhône as dinosaurs in quicksand.

cicloturismo gallicianWe can only say one thing, that the energy of the storm makes us stronger. It is surely the only way to get by.Moral boys, many moral!

We are now in Marseille where we hope to find answer for a few days of rest in Nice or Cannes.

As always thank all the people who help us along the way and to you all for reading and your messages of support.

marsella-cicloturismoTHANKS A MILLION!!!!!

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    1. Hola chicos estoy muy orgullosa de vosotros, pero esto solo esta empezando, besos

    2. Vamos Maximo Rocha gladiador de Emerita Augusta dale caña! a la bici tio 😀

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