Fulfilling dreams

This week has been a great week, probably the week with more stories and challenges fulfilled in so far in this trip.

To begin, we want to thank to Eva for her great hospitality and the last four nights at home. Thanks to she and her great efforts to help us on our work with blogs (issues of servers and domains). Internal things that are not seen but which are absolutely necessary for all to continue enjoying our particular adventure. It also helped in our mechanical issues taking us to the bike kitchen presiding of Rocco. Thanks to him we got to fix the rear axle of Negrita, who had the same problems as Max’bike (with which the only solution was to get rid of the trailer), a shame not to have met you before Rocco 😉 Another honor was to enjoy your 4 wheel bike going by the train tracks. Thank you!

cicloturismo reparaciones   cicloturismo bike train

We left Milan under a curtain of water. The plans was to arrive at Arese to visit the Alfa Romeo Museum where we spent two nights in Castellaro, the first freely camped in the same place for twice.

cicloturismo arese

To mention that Alfa Romeo Museum is highly recommended and treated us very well watching our bicycles to be safe. It’s a good way of learning history and we enjoyed the experience of having some of their jewelry in sight, although they were not all most outstanding models. Was a great experience!

cicloturismo arese museo alfa romeo

We get out of the Arese loop in which we had gotten and pedaling to Monza. We were very clear that this week was going to be a few kilometers, but we could not miss our obligatory visit one of the most mythical motorsport circuits of the history , the Autodromo Nationale di Monza.

We arrived at the circuit on Friday afternoon. The entrance from the gate of St. Giorgio is the Monza park entrance. To get to the track you must pass a huge park with golf course and cross the old oval circuit … too tempting to be real! The oval circuit is cut in half to make way for the F1 track, so we could only do half … someone want to change bikes for Formula 1?

We did not have much to do and slept in the nearby fields to the circuit without being able to take a picture with a poster that mentions the circuit , so we went the next day to see if we can get the picture … and of course we got picture !cicloturismo monza entrada

They inform us on how to visit the paddock and sign up in testing vans they had in the event organization. Thanks to Diana and her colleage we could have lunch in the restaurant staff. Many thanks!

We tried a F1 simulator and finally arrived the much desired time. We decided to try the new Opel Vivaro as Manel has at home and it was funny at the idea of making the circuit with the new model. Thank Cristina and her colleagues for the attention we got in the box of Opel. We can only say that almost cry of emotion driving on the circuit, and although we had a speed limit straight … no one said anything of the corners! We has not forgotten to take a corner in the circuit 🙂

cicloturismo monza ejercito

Now we’re on our way to Pavia where we see what has reserved the destination of this trip. We will keep you posted!

Greetings to all who read us and support us with your comments.

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