One project, two ways

Sometimes to heed your heart, that little voice who speaks to you, it takes you to make very difficult decisions. The same voice that made me to begin this journey, which already was a really difficult decision, say now to continue my own way.

This decision to continue is just personal and selfish, but this trip is not just a dream, it is a change of life, and can not live with the feeling that you should do things differently, it’s best just to do them, you may you’re wrong, but is the only way to know if it is what you wanted.

This project began long ago, and although it was always the dream of Manel, the idea of doing together has always excited me, because for me he is more than a friend. That is why this decision was so difficult, a part of me does not understand it, but did not understand that he wanted to undertake this trip.

Sorry to I didn’t realize before, wish I had known I was going to have this feeling, but I only had it crossed my mind, like many other things that walk up there (except hair, of course).

So, if you have not been clear, to continue in different ways is not due to the coexistence or anger, only to get carried away by my dreams. In this sense, if anyone has doubts, has only to talk me.

Wish to thank to Manel these two months of route, I learned a lot from him, made me discover a style of traveling that makes you see the places and people in a close, and that makes you realize that the world is full of wonderful people. It has been an honor to crossing part of the Catalan coast, southern France and northern Italy to you. I wish you the best in the world in your trip.

Cicloturismo selfie 1     Cicloturismo selfie 2

Clarify that we have decided that this blog ( I’ll write (Max) and Manel use his personal blog ( to continue to report on his great adventure.

This post do not give more I fear, the next will tell you how we reached the outskirts of Venice, and how my start lonely. A hug from Trieste.

Thanks for reading me!

    11 comments on “One project, two ways

    1. Mucha suerte primito pero aún que eres un valiente te diré que me da miedo mucho miedo de que vayas tu solo!!!! Te quiero cariño y ten mucho cuidado cariño mío!!!! Disfruta de tu aventura!!!!

    2. Por eso las bicis no llevan marcha atrás, para adelante y a perseguir tus metas. Por cierto, tanto pedalear, en las fotos te estas quedando con un tipillo que tela XD..

      Mucha suerte y sobretodo a disfrutar cada día!

      • hahaha grande! Sí, supongo que el peso ya se irá normalizando porque si no.. xD

        Gracias Alberto!

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