Everybody know the theories of yin and yang, karma and different laws of the universe but when this happen not stop to surprise you.

Already I had experience on other trips and in my daily life that good things happen when you need them most. May already be a call from a friend in one day you feel lonely or generosity of a stranger to offer refuge at home in a strong rainy day.

There was rain which delayed us in Marseille. Read more

This week has not been an easy week, rather the opposite, but all problems have solutions, that is something that we learn throughout our lives.

The difficulty of the road is not always in the way, sometimes we have in our mind. It is normal in the second week the first longings arise, the first important dates which can not be with your family. Read more

After a week and two days of departure we have finally found a moment to write on a bit! and also charge batteries 🙂

The second day (as someone already know) we dedicated entirely to improve and open the blog (which like brides did expect). After this unexpected beginning, we started on 11th Tuesday, to what a real trip we felt. We didn’t have friends around us to support us, no family waiting at the end of the day. Read more

D-Day came. Yesterday we had our bicycles waiting in our garages, splendid with their suitcases full of hopes and dreams… about 50 kilograms of things we do not know if we need!

We got on our saddles with no knowledge of how they would work. Surprise was that despite the experience in other trips of Manel he could not go in a straight line, the trailer is a naughty friend! We met in Dosrius around 9:45 and go headed to Argentona, where family and friends joined to support us in our departure.
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Today is the day that we put online this blog, which is an important part of the project because it will allow us to share with you the experiences of our around the world by bicycle. So we hope that you find interesting that we explain, and than may be able to join us on our journey. We’ll try to tell you our experiences so that you’ll see the world as we’ll be seeing with our articles, photos and videos that they bring in some way to those places waiting us. Read more